Are There Cyborgs Among Us?

In a recent article “The Underground World of Human Cyborgs,” a new group called biohackers are an underground operation away from medical regulation. These people use rare earth metals and implant them into their bodies with scalpels in tattoo parlors instead of hospitals, and without anesthesia. Once implanted, the biohackers can sense electromagnetic fields, giving them a “6th sense” to feel the world around them.


One of the biohackers suggests that this will be the new wave of technology for humans that will soon be the norm. I partially agree with him because there is definitely a market for people who want to “push the limits” and crave that “6th sense” experience. He also makes another statement about the use this technology has for disabled people (such as the blind) and also firefighters which could potentially save people’s lives.


These newer trends are significant if we consider the current relationship between handicapped people and the technology accessible to them. The possibility that it could save a person from danger seems to make me more accepting to it. i think that ultimately this would be a personal choice to “enhance” your body, but what if these technologies allowed people to cheat in life? Would these people be allowed on airplanes?

Some questions to consider:

1. Would you personally use some kind of enhancement like the ones discussed in the article?

2. Would you be okay with others using such enhancements?

3. Can you think of any ways this could be dangerous?