Course Participation

Because the course focuses on digital media technologies (or web 2.0, social media, interactive media), we will explore and use Twitter and Facebook to communicate and share ideas, thoughts, and information with one another regarding the course and technology related content. Everyone is required to have a Twitter and a Facebook account, and follow @soc334 on Twitter (and use hashtag #soc334 on their tweets as needed) and join SOC334 Technology and Society group on Facebook. Students are responsible for checking Twitter and Facebook regularly. Your engagement with these two sites throughout the semester as well as your participation in classroom discussion will be taken into account when allocating the classroom participation. Please note that the “distinguished level” requires using Twitter and Facebook, and participating in classroom discussions.

You can use either Twitter or Facebook to communicate with others and the instructor. Here are some scenarios that might give you an idea how to use Twitter and Facebook:

  • “Hmmm…I wonder which article we are reading tomorrow. Hey, can someone help?” — Facebook Post or Tweet #soc334
  • “I need clarification about Milestone 1. Here’s what I am confused about…” — Facebook Post
  • “I can’t make it to the class tomorrow.” — Tweet @soc334
  • “Just came across with this news.” — Tweet#soc334 or Facebook Post
  • “Check Tim O’Reilly’s recent talk.” — Facebook Post or Tweet #soc334 (depending on if you want to start a conversation around the video)
  • “I took this picture on the bus. An infant playing with iPad, cute!” — Facebook Post or Tweet #soc334 (depending on if you want to start a conversation around the picture)
  • “Can I take the lead on discussing digital divide on Sept.26?” — Tweet @334
  • “I have this cool activity I want to do in class next week. Here’s my plan…what do you all think?” — Facebook Post
  • “I found this reading on technology and civic engagement that I want people to read. Can we add it to our reading list or can we replace it with one of the readings?” — Facebook Post or Tweet @soc334
  • “I was wondering if we could do something else instead of ….because….” — Facebook Post
  • “The activity/discussion helped me in….can we do more of these types of activities?” — Facebook Post
  • “Here’s a suggestion….” Facebook Post or Tweet #soc334
  • “We are going to Cupz this Friday, does anyone want to join?” Facebook Post or Tweet #soc334

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