Google App Script

On Tuesday we learned about Google App Script. I think it’s an awesome tool for us to use.

The fact that it’s Javascript over something like VBScript makes it easier for someone like me to get into, as I can understand Javascript and don’t know a thing about VBScript. That’s the one thing turning me away from writing macros for Microsoft Office; I simply don’t have the time to learn VBScript. I know it’s supposed to be easy, but I think Javascript has more other applications. I could be wrong though.

I could definitely use Google App Script. I work with Excel documents with thousands of rows that I currently use awk to sort through. Perhaps I could write a script with Google App Script to do it more efficiently (although I will say that awk was really, really easy to do!) The fact that Google App Script can work with cells instead of field delimiters like a , or “,” seems like it would make it easier to work with when transforming text.