Bathroom Break Aka Text Messaging Break Aka Phone Call Break

Let’s say, what percent of us go to the restrooms, powder room, lavatory, john or whatever we name it to check a text message, voice mail, answer or make a call and/or just to play some app games on our phone. Well we would be part of the 750 Americans out of 1,000 that use our phone in the restroom. In the United States, its common how technology these days are improving much faster, but then it seems that we ignore WHERE we use our mobile devices. In class we always discuss the improvements, upgrades, differences of new, old, presently and original devices/technology. But this is a different chance for use to talk about.

It’s a close chance that one of us follow into the percentage of  “67 percent reading, 63 percent answering a phone call and 41 percent initiated a phone call without waiting to exit the facilities first” in the United States from the IT in the Toilet study. It appears clearly that whenever we feel bored or feel the need to keep ourselves busy we reach for our devices. I would like to discuss the reason or need why we have this urge or addiction I might call it to be part of the 77 percentage “we can’t keep our hands off our devices”.


Furthermore into the study, it’s funny, sick and not thought of that they found out that 92 percent of the individual respondents wash their hands after using the restroom, BUT while the 14 percent DON’T was their phones. So let’s think about that while a making a phone call, text, game play on your or another’s phone/device.

Going through articles, additionally found is What the heck, while who ever is on the toilet, not only playing apps on our phone but a app that flushes your toilet. One that flushes, cleans after your business and adding more to keep a diary of your stuff to keep you on track to healthy. This article, is a smart phone app that can make your bathroom experience better? Is this something nessary?



Now since we were talking about using mobile devices in the john, I came by an article that a technology device made by Mario Lukas from Germany invented and created a toilet paper dispenser that prints out twitter feedback, yea I said PRINTS OUT on the toilet paper the feedback. Will this be something that we spend much more time in the restroom or is this taken a little too far.

Here is the link: & Video. Image

9 responses to “Bathroom Break Aka Text Messaging Break Aka Phone Call Break

  1. This is fantastic. I guess I’m in the minority here when I say I don’t take my phone with me to the restroom mostly because I don’t want to risk ruining it when I drop it in the toilet. My roommate last year would always be making phone calls from the bathroom and we used to give her all kinds of grief because we thought it was so weird! “I guess that’s just what those midwesterns do,” we used to say. But I guess it’s NOT just those midwesterns, it’s 75% of the United States!

    The smart phone app is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I think it’s ridiculous, and not at all necessary, but I think that can be said about A LOT of apps that are out there. Not to mention you have to spend upwards of $4000 to use this app, and I don’t really think that’ll happen to the 75% of Americans who allegedly bring their phones into the restroom.

    Yeah, Americans spend too much time with their devices. Yeah, Americans are too reliant on their digital phones. Yeah we should go 3-5 minutes without technology every once in a while…

    • Lauren, I still take my phone to the bathroom even though I’ve dropped my phone in the toilet before! It’s the only time that I have sometimes to check my phone! I agree with you, of course Americans spend too much time with their devices, but that’s not going to change (at least not for me).

  2. laurencrider, you’re not alone. I don’t want my things (especially my phone!) getting dirty while I use the restroom so I usually keep them in my bag, my pocket, or out of the restroom entirely if I could. I have to admit this article disgusted me (no offense). The second thing that annoys me (after the filth) about restrooms is that echo-ey sound. There’s not a lot of privacy in regards to it. When calling my sisters and I hear that sound, I’m usually disgusted because I know what they are doing. Though I assumed it to be less, the statistic doesn’t surprise me. With society being so fast-paced, people try to utilize every little bit of their time.

  3. I definitely fall into this category as sad as that may be. Most of the time I do end up checking a text message or two while I’m in the bathroom, although I have to say I don’t think I’ve ver really initiated a phone call from a bathroom stall. Starting up a conversation in front of a bunch of other people doing their business doesn’t sound like the most fun thing in the world. I think part of why people end up checking their phones while they’re on the john definitely has to do with them trying to utilize the time they have in the most efficient way. I suppose if someone is really trying to be productive then answering an email or two while they’re on the john isn’t too terrible of an idea.

  4. My technology addiction has progressed so far that any time is phone time. Now fortunately I work in a place where checking your phone is encouraged since often times it is something important (and if it’s not they’re not hovering over your shoulder to make sure). In addition, I’ve found that the First World Problems meme that complains about using the bathroom too fast to use a phone is in direct application as well. However this is speaking from purely a male point of view and by no means applies to all members of said gender.

    The second of this article, the Twitter printer, comes across as widely useless with no real-world application at all. Really the only reason for its existence is simply “because it can exist” and its only use is to wipe yourself with tweets you don’t like. So in essence I don’t see this ever becoming a thing anytime soon or ever; but, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been surprised by something if it did take “bathroom social media time” to the next level.

  5. I am with Lauren here, in the fact that I do not take out my phone every time I use the john. I feel like the development of apps to help someone use the bathroom are not made as a true, serious effort to ease the lives of mobile users everywhere. Instead (at least I hope) these apps exist more just to prove to the creators that it is possible and that people will use these apps. In any case, I do not believe it is commercially viable. I do like the idea of wiping myself with tweets if only so I could post comments to the people whose ideas I just used to clean myself…

  6. My roommate always talks on the phone while she uses the restroom! I actually find it really annoying because she will stay in there so long… I think she has to wait to flush so the person doesn’t hear her and know that she is on the toilet. But I think that overall it really shows people’s need to be stimulated at all times. So instead of being bored for the short time that you are in the restroom, you need to text someone or talk to someone. I think it also shows how we don’t want to waste a single second of our day including the time that we waste while using the restroom. So playing an app game is more productive than just sitting there staring at the wall.

  7. How interesting that when I first began reading your blog post, I thought it was about how people go to the bathroom for an excuse to use their cell phones when out in public; but you’re actually saying they don’t stop using their phones when they are in the bathroom. I imagine this is true, and I know I’ve been guilty using my phone as I walk away to the bathroom or lingering to send a few final texts before I return to my friends. In that way, I consider it almost an act of courtesy, that I don’t want to be ignore anyone I’m with to reply to texts or emails. But I have to agree with what Jordan mentioned; it often relates to the fact that going to the restroom, we are often idle much longer than we are used to being, and getting on our phones may just be a result of restlessness.

  8. While i don’t make a general habit of it, i have checked my phone while in the restroom. I don’t do it because i’m technology obsessed or have to be on my phone at all times, but because i have the time and opportunity to check it right then. You don’t think about how weird or kinda gross it is until someone posts a blog about it on WordPress. I think people have always found ways to entertain themselves in the bathroom, it used to be newspapers and magazines but now we have all that information in a much more convenient package in our phones.

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