Samsung Vs Apple

How many of you have the latest iPhone 5 or the latest Samsung Galaxy S3? How many of us just want the best phone, if money is no matter? How many want what’s “hot” in the technology world? How many just want a phone that can do anything that relates to our life? For example: student, business, marketing, painting, writing, and etc. Do you want a camera, internet connection, games or just a SIMPLE PHONE!?

Well Since the beginning of this course we have been discussing in detail of technology, the design and reason for the design then how today it’s be ing updated, changed and used. In this article it’s similar and/or relates to our discussion/activity on comparing in detail of Facebook and MySpace.


This particular article talks about how Samsung and Apple are in a feud of not only the “similar” designs of the devices, but more into detail the process. From reading this article, what I got out of it was that Apple isn’t only making an announcement that Samsung has obviously “copycat” its design but more of a threat is the “Cook” side of Apple.

“Jobs the credit for the adjectivesbeautiful, elegant, innovative, andfun. We’ll give Cook the credit for the adjectives affordable, reliable, available, and profitable. Jobs designs them, Cook makes them and sells them.”

Meaning that since Job’s part of Apple, which is their design are “copy-able”, like laptops, phones, tablet and etc. But the Cook side of Apple which is the marketing of supplies economically wise is more threaten from reading this article. Besides the lawsuits design wise that Apple is handling, Cook’s side of things are a threat, but can’t be copied. The reason for this is stated that Apple’s decade long process can’t be copied by their rival’s…more toward Samsung can’t manufacture this decade long process in shorter time…or can they?

Basically that Apple’s product time is not fast enough in the product line, unlike Samsung. Since Apple doesn’t want to risk lining up with another company for manufacture. Relating in the article about Dell and Asus computers or HTC One X phone. Samsung is feeding into the mainstream of Apple’s news feed of their technology, meaning that it’s being heard and then customers are comparing but “people aren’t making these decisions based on huge design differences between the devices. The basis of competition has shifted.” Hence “Apple’s economy of scale advantage” Which in the article, Tim Cook announce that manufacturing will move back to the states. Here is another article of Apple and Samsung, “Has Apple created it’s pwn threat in Samsung?”

Overall this relating to the course is we can compare and list the design of the two devices by listing the pros and cons. Furthermore go into detail of the two companies’ strategy of production.  Like we did in the Facebook and Myspace talk of the basic design, then going into the uses of them and who uses it.



7 responses to “Samsung Vs Apple

  1. I think that regardless of company, whether it be Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, etc., there will always be a competition among them to keep up with each other. When one comes out with a revolutionary idea, the others figure out how to “copy” it and make it their own. For example, it wasn’t long after Apple announced their idea of an iPhone before other companies started coming out with similar smartphones; of course, they didn’t completely copy the design of the iPhone because that would be illegal, but they took many similar features and characteristics and devised their own phone out of it. The constant competition among these companies are what keeps them from losing customers. If Samsung could not come up with a similar phone that would be able to compete with the iPhone, than all of Samsung’s customers would make the switch over to Apple. Overall, while the layouts may be different, the similar designs between competing products is what pushes companies to constantly create new and improved products. Without this form of competition, I believe we would not be as technologically advanced as we are today.

  2. I can’t help but marvel in the double edged sword that is our market economy. On the one hand, competition breeds constant innovation resulting in constantly evolving technology. On the other, consumers become behold to technology behemoths like Apple and Samsung. They draw us in with their devices to the point we’re almost dependent upon them. They collect and sell our data in what could almost be considered exploitation.

    Now I certainly don’t want to propose that Marxism is a comparable alternative. However, we have to come to grips with the fact that many of the companies who claim to be making our lives better might in fact be making them worse.

  3. I can’t fully justify the amount of money many people spend on cell phones, but if there is one validating factor for the constant updates and upgrades, it’s that for most, cell phones are the one thing we use most, rely on most, and have with us most. It’s only natural that with advancing technology, cell phones are a major target for innovative features and competitive marketing. I don’t know enough about each phone to outline who uses one versus the other or what the product says about the consumer, but I can imagine that the consumers believe it says a lot, due to the fact they carry it with them everyday. This opens up endless opportunities for marketing strategies to pray on cell phones’ integral roles in their owners’ lives and also getting people to update and upgrade more often than is necessary.

  4. To me a cell phone is a cell phone and even if I had all the money in the world I’d rather put it toward something more enjoyable than simply owning a “cool” cell phone. In the end I just want something that can call, text, and check Facebook for the lowest cost with the best service. Because of this, when the need has risen to buy a new phone I have a tendency to lean toward Samsung or another 3rd party simply because Apple products are generally overpriced by comparison. However, if Apple were to make somthing that cost less than a Samsung (or other) product then I’d probably buy that simply based on finances.
    I have only had a few opportunities to compare an iPhone to a Samsung phone so I can’t accurately speak on all of the pros and cons for the design of each. However as far as operating systems go, I found little difference. They both utilize a similar app system for accessing data and other functions that include surfing the web, social networks, games, tools, etc. The only thing that the iPhone appears to have over the others is the ability to play Apple’s odd music format associated with iTunes.

  5. I’m on the same boat as viraldeath0. Really, I prefer the simple phone with all my contacts and buttons to dial, call, and hang up. That’s all we really need with a phone, but with so many new features, people are becoming more and more willing to spend money on the latest tech. Though I admit being like James Bond and owning a watch phone or SmartWatch is pretty awesome,
    having so much tech is just a way for companies to make money and keep the economy going. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people with a bunch of phones just lying around the house collecting dust, accumulating with each new model.

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