Disney on Netflix? Finally!

Being an avid Disney movie fan, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that Disney has now made a deal with Netflix. The deal consists of an agreement between the two companies that Netflix will be able to stream new Disney releases beginning in 2016. As of now, Disney has a contract with Starz until 2016 and that deal must expire first before the new Netflix deal can take place. Library titles such as Dumbo and Pocahontas will become available immediately. New releases will be streamed once the deal is completed. The details of the financial agreement were not released, but it is estimated that Disney is going to make $300,000,000 annually from this contract whereas HBO, Starz and Showtime have only paid about $20,000,000 for those showing rights. Starz, however, is claiming that they decided to part with Disney, not the other way around.

My question to you is how do you think this new deal between Netflix and Disney is going to affect the entertainment industry? Are deals like these going to hurt television broadcasting and potentially begin to end that industry? Do you think a major company like Disney moving into digital streaming will set a trend that others will follow? What are other impacts of deals like these? Give me your thoughts!

Here’s the link: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/04/netflix-bests-starz-in-bid-for-disney-movies/?ref=technology

6 responses to “Disney on Netflix? Finally!

  1. It won’t just be Disney movies, but most likely all the content from their subsidiaries too, which include Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm.

    I think it’s going to be seen as a huge blow to Comcast, and with the current investigation into their alleged antitrust violations with cable broadcasting, it may be well warranted.

  2. Honestly i think the trend towards digital streaming is already well established, i mean landing Disney is a big deal, but digital streaming is already hugely popular. To use myself as an example, i barely watch television anymore because between Netflix and Hulu I can watch old favorites and new TV shows without having to deal with cable. Plus, who would actually be sad if a cable company went out of business, after the DMV cable companies are one of the most hated establishments out there, maybe a little competition from the internet will make them rethink their shoddy business practices.

  3. I am with Kelcey here. Although the expansion of Disney into the digital streaming market is great (I am a big Disney fan), I doubt it is goin gto change the market in some extreme way. Instead, Disney is recognizing the market value of expanding into a new sector of the entertainment busniness. Netflix, Hulu, and the like, are already more popular than TV among most all of my firneds. It fits a busy person’s lifestyle – if I have happen to have an hour to relax, I can find and watch an episode more or less instantly, instead of being limited to what is on the tele. In short, Disney is expanding an already well established form of entertainment.

  4. We’ll have to see if Netflix can survive until 2016 (still 4 years away after all). In the mean time there are some really exciting things happening with Netflix starting to produce its own content (Arrested Development coming soon). It’s been pretty amazing that they’ve been able to maintain a flat price structure for all their content over the years- it will be interesting to see if that continues, with possible “pay as you watch” content exclusive to Netflix’s network…

  5. I hope they set a trend. I’m pretty tired of Netflix never having he movie I’m looking for. I’m not much of a Disney fan, but if they can show that marketing to an online audience is profitable, then others may be soon to follow—and I’m all for that. Moreover, I think it’s about time television broadcasters had some healthy competition. Hopefully they’ll start offering better and cheaper services if we hold their feet over the fire for long enough.

  6. After reading this article, It now explains why I been seeing and of course watching the now Disney films on Netflix. I am actually liking that this is happening, because like week16throwway says that Netflix was starting to have films that don’t have anything to watch or I have already watched is before. I think to answer your questions, the deal between the two will only make a positive effect in watching Disney and Netflix, but it might affect the sale of DVD’s or purchases to attain these videos. I know that if there was a desire film, I would buy it, but since on Netflix, no need to at times. Will TV broadcasts rerunning shows and if it’s on Netflix, yea it will hurt those programs. But a majority don’t have internet, so it’s a positive. It just depends on who has internet and chooses on how to watch it.
    Overall I like watching films with DVD’s because it’s more secure that I have the movie and not risking where certain films don’t or stop showing on Netflix or other sites.

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