Proud of My Dumb Phone

A week or so ago while I was on my break at work one of my friends that also works in the MU came and talked with me for a bit while I ate my lunch. At some point in the conversation I must have answered a text or checked the time on my phone because a few minutes after she left I received a message from her saying “props for not having a smart phone btw”. When I received the message I was a bit confused at first as to why she cared that I didn’t have an iPhone or phone of its caliber so I asked her to clarify. She simply answered “everyone has an iPhone but you don’t, and I think that’s something to be proud of”.

After I thought about it for a while I realized that not having an iPhone really was something to be proud of. A few months back I dropped my phone in a swimming pool and went down to the Verizon store to look at new ones and almost talked myself into purchasing a brand new iPhone 4S until I realized that I didn’t need one in the slightest. iPhones and other smart phones are wonderful and powerful machines that can do thousands of beautiful things right from the palm of your hand and in that respect should be admired and appreciated. However throughout the course of the day during the school week I have somewhere between 1-2 hours of time not spent biking, walking, working, listening to a lecture or doing homework. My point is that most of my time is spent doing semi=productive things and being able to check my Facebook or upload photos to Instagram at any moment would become way to distracting for me to get anything done, not to mention the sheer price tag that an iPhone carries or the money you have to pay for a service plan on top of that. Plus, before the school year even started I bought myself a MacBook which a) has all the capabilities of an iPhone and b) I carry around everywhere anyway, leaving an iPhone next to useless to me. Even beyond those points, does anyone really need to be connected to the internet at all times of the day? There’s something to be said for being able to function without checking for notifications every five minutes. 

My phone may not be the most glamorous looking thing in the world but it does what I need it to do, and I fill in the rest of the blanks with the rest of what I have. I sit here with my dumb thirty dollar phone that can only send texts and receive calls, and I’m proud. 

Do you really need your iPhone? How would life be functioning without it for a week? A month? Does it do you more favors than it does harm? Let me hear your thoughts!

6 responses to “Proud of My Dumb Phone

  1. I just upgraded my phone (Droid Incredible 2) to a Samsung Galaxy S3… and that thing is a beast. I mean, I can play Minesweeper anywhere now! I guess I could have done it on my Incredible 2, but that phone was really bad. Also, 4G is a lot faster than I expected…

    To be honest, a smartphone isn’t something I NEED. But, it’s really convenient. I keep track of what I need to do with Google Calendar, then I sync those tasks to my phone so I have them anywhere. I’m also a bit of an amateur photographer so having a pocket sized camera with me anywhere I go is also nice. In addition, I’m the type of guy that has random thoughts that I just need to Google… so having access to the Internet is cool. And well, syncing Spotify playlists is pretty awesome.

    I don’t think something is bad if it’s convenient, even if it’s not required. Do I NEED a bike to get to class? No, I don’t — walking gets me there too, just a little later than usual. But having a bike is nice.

    So yeah, I suppose I don’t need a smartphone. Being able to call and text are a must, but anything else is a perk. Well, I guess a GPS is probably 3rd on the list.

    The convenience of smartphones reminds me of this comic though:

  2. As someone who only just recently upgraded to an iPhone 4s, I feel I can speak on this subject. Before upgrading, I had a phone that was limited to calling and texting, and I was content with it. After all, what else is a phone for? For the longest time I scoffed at smartphone users and kept to my un-technologically advanced self.
    I decided to pay the extra money for a new smartphone because of the awesome functionality of the mobile device. I need a device that can organize my life – and I am doing so with the phone.

  3. So,i actually agree with this article. I got my first iPhone a couple of years ago and i’ve hated it and every upgrade since. The iPhone is a great tool, as far as a mobile device I love being able to listen to iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify on the go, and being able to check my Facebook whenever i want. So as far as that goes it’s awesome. However, i feel that as a phone (the main thing i use it for) it sucks. Maybe it’s just me but the sound speaker is to quiet i keep having to ask what every time someone says something, and i guess i have a weird head or something because the receiver is never in the right place and people are always complaining that they can;t here me when i feel like I’m talking at a normal volume. I feel that i was much happier with my old brick phone, and having a laptop do do everything else..

  4. While I find it ridiculous to suggest that owning a smartphone carries some type of moral significance, I find it equally strange to suggest the opposite. If you own an iPhone cool. If you don’t cool. If we can agree that my owning one doesn’t make me morally superior, can we also agree that you not owning one does not make you morally superior?

  5. Well, I certainly agree with the statement that we don’t need iPhones, but what constitutes as a need? Because we certainly don’t need to have cell phones at all if we are going to talk about the want/need argument. However, I will say that there are pros and cons to having a smart phone. I however and extremely happy I got an iPhone. I use it for so many important things all the time. For instance, I went to Lake Powell one weekend in September and wasn’t going to be home until late Sunday night. I had forgotten to do my blog comment for this class. No need to panic though because I had my iPhone with me. I did my blog post right from my phone! I also use my phone a lot to check my email for class and use it a lot to look up the syllabi for my classes as well. In addition, I always joke with my friends that my smart phone makes me a smarter person because if me and my friends ever wonder the answer to a question I generally look up the answer right away on my phone. I also am very directionally challenged and have used my phones GPS to get me home when I was lost and couldn’t find my way on my own. So, with all that being said, more power to you if you can live without one. But as for me I am going to keep my iPhone at my side!

  6. This actually reminds me of a time when one of my friends thought I got an iPhone and they were about to go all out on me and say “Really?” expression. I guess I am actually happy I don’t have one too, but I fell more in love with my Galaxy phone, which is kind of designed the same way like the iPhone. I really don’t need a iPhone, but I do need my phone at all times. Since I am away from home, it’s one way to keep communicated with my mother to check in home and also that a month is too long. I like to keep in contact with friends, or I would be depending more on Facebook or Twitter to get my message sent around. At times when my phone is turned off, I communicate through my roommates through Twitter to know that I need a ride or etc. I think that it favors me more, then harm or both, just depends on the situation.

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