“New Age” Alarm Clock Makes Sure You Wake Up

Remember in class last week (I think) when we all participated in the activity to redesign a new alarm clock? Well, apparently we weren’t the only ones daring enough to stand up to the task. Just this September, Paul Sammut released his new “most persistent” alarm clock ever: The Nixon Ramos Alarm Clock the market. You can read about it here, but basically, it’s a new type of alarm clock that just doesn’t let you sleep past the alarm. The alarm clock does not let you reset the wake-up time once it goes off, and it does not let you unplug it — it just operates by battery if you do. Freeman jokes that there are two ways to turn off the alarm: to go to the wireless keypad (in a different room) and type in the date, or “smash it to smithereens.”

So what makes this alarm clock well (or poorly) designed? Well for starters, making the sleeper move into the next room to enter the date surely gets them out of bed and on their feet. Also, the feature that prohibits a reset of the wake-up time takes away that whole ‘snooze’ feature that causes so many of us to miss class or be late for our jobs. It’s longest snooze is one minute — the alarm sounds for 10-seconds, waits only one minute, and then goes off again until the sleeper enters the correct date on the wireless keyboard. theramos I’ve included here a picture of The Ramos Alarm Clock to demonstrate its aesthetic appeal. You can even personalize the wooden finish to your liking.

The alarm clock runs pretty expensive ($200-$800), so I suppose I’ve found its flaw. I tend to wake up right away when my alarm rings, so I’m not sure how much I’d be willing to pay if I had the problem of not waking up. I think it’s safe to say, though, that The Ramos asks for a lot of money, that a lot of people aren’t necessarily willing to shell out. Not to mention, if you had a roommate, the alarm clock would easily earn the title of the most bothersome alarm clock in the world. I would hate to wait for my roommate to enter the date before her alarm clock stops ringing.

I suppose there’s not really much about how to program the wake-up time specifically and personalize the features. Dare I assume it to be easy and straight forward?

What do you guys think of the design of this new alarm clock? If you’re one of those people who can’t leave the snooze button alone, would you buy this alarm clock?

9 responses to ““New Age” Alarm Clock Makes Sure You Wake Up

  1. Usually, I manage to wake up in the morning by the time the third alarm I’ve set has gone off. Occasionally, however, nothing gets me to wake up, no matter how many alarms I’ve set or where I’ve hidden them in my room. On these days, I would want this alarm. As long as it is loud, it seems like a pretty foolproof way of waking anyone up. However, I agree that it is way too expensive. There are probably similar alarm clocks for less than $100.

    • I was actually just wondering how loud this alarm clock actually is. Is it too loud to sleep through? I can sleep through a tornado so I wonder if this alarm clock would actually wake me up!

  2. Ok, so despite the price tag i think this is an awesome product. I am one of those people that will sleep through my alarm to the point where i have to set it 30 minutes early just to wake up on time.Also, the fact that you have to get up to key in the date to turn it off will help ensure that you are actually awake. Actually i wish it went one step farther and had you solve a problem or put in a password like the Android App that Jeff posted on Facebook. As far as annoying your roommates, i think this is a positive as well, i don’t think there’s anything that would get you out of bed faster than an irate roommate yelling at you first thing in the morning.

  3. It would help me out a ton if it weren’t so expensive, I don’t really have a few hundred bucks right now to drop on a new alarm clock. The design seems very straightforward and conducive to exactly what the alarm clock is meant for, so in that regard I think it’s perfect. There’s not much to interact with for the user, so unless the keyboard is god awful then the interface seems to be fine too. The concept itself is really the best part, but could be implemented using other devices. For instance, if I know that it’ll be particularly hard for me to wake up in the morning then I will set the alarm on my phone, and then on my iPod that is plugged into the speaker system in the other room, but the speakers play in mine making it necessary for me to get up and leave the room to turn it off. Great idea!

  4. I think this is a great product, but definitely has its problems. First of all, way to expensive! Honestly, who would pay for an alarm clock that cost that much? Maybe if the person sleeps like the dead and can’t usually wake up, then maybe the investment would be worth it. But for the average person, it is not worth the cost. Secondly, it was mentioned that the keypad is located in another room. What is going to stop the person from keeping it right by their bed and falling back asleep once they have entered the date? And lastly, what if the person cannot remember the date? Could you imagine how frustrating it would be if you kept trying to enter the date and it was wrong? That would be horrible! And as it has already been mentioned, this alarm is not roommate friendly. I would kill my roommate if they let this alarm go off forever and she couldn’t get it to shut off. Overall, great idea. There are some things to consider though as far as design goes.

  5. If this didn’t cost so much, was a bit more aesthetically pleasing to look at, and had a few minor changes, I might just buy one of these clocks. First, although I’m a fan of vintage, this is perhaps a bit too vintage looking. It reminds me of a 1940’s radio, so if the overall outward appearance was modernized a bit–clean lines, multiple color choices, and body styles, etc, I think it would be more pleasing to look at. Second, I agree with Sydney, the idea of having to actually get up and turn off the clock is good, however, entering the date seems a bit much. I know when I get up, the last thing I think of in that foggy “just-woke-up” state is what the date is. Instead, perhaps a keyword or the user’s birthday, should be entered to turn off the alarm. This way, the user won’t have to think so hard after they have just woken up. There should also be an option to shut off the alarm completely if there is a day when the alarm isn’t necessary.

    • I totally agree with Kelli! If this didn’t cost so much and if it were a little more aesthetically pleasing, I’d probably get one! I have to admit, I am a “snoozer”. In fact, I’m a “turn-my-alarm-clock-and-go-back-to-sleep-and-miss-class-altogether” kind of person. The fact that I would have to get up and go into another room to turn this off seems like something that may actually work for me! As for having to put in the date, I don’t think that’s too big of a deal. Eventually, you’ll learn to remember the date! Overall, I think this is a pretty cool idea!

  6. I think this device isn’t all that great for me personally because I also get up when my alarm goes off, but I know this would be a perfect device for my sister that can sleep through anything like jazled stated. On the other hand price is definitely a flaw in this device, but with this I think the design can work for some individuals that have a hard time waking up. But imaging that I am a person that can’t get up, this alarm clock will be smashed up in seconds, or I will set the alarm in another person’s room so they can punch in the code, then we all can sleep for another 5-15minutes. Haha

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