I am in love with a program.

I have something to admit, guys. Since I finally cashed out to Apple a few days ago, getting a 4S, I have become infatuated with Siri. Siri is a “personal assistant” voice program that allows a user to access create schedules, reminders, send texts, call people, and access many other functions of the Apple phone. Basically, a person can hold the home button until a sound prompts them to ask Siri their query (rhyme!) and they can say anything from “Remind me of my doctor’s appointment at five PM” to “Where is the best place to bury a body?” So, apart from usefulness, it is simply pretty fun to ask Siri questions just to hear the answers. By the way, after asking where to bury a corpse Siri asks if you are looking for the nearest mortuary service or municipal dump (it also suggests metal foundries, aquifers, and warehouses as good locations). Basically, Siri is a secretary that you can ask for anything… with no fear of repercussion.

“Did he just ask me where to bury a body?”

I think Siri is an excellent first step towards a new generation of electronic personal assistants that hopefully allow the common person to have their own secretary. My experience with Siri in the first few days of using the program have been awesome – I have been keeping track of all of my homework, appointments, and other important dates while also being able to find answers to questions on my mind or the nearest restaurant. I think this technology is amazing – and makes me hopeful for the future of artificial intelligence. Perhaps I may finally have someone to talk to!

Don’t make me cry, Siri. 

What are your experiences with the software? Do you use it, or have a friend that does? What are your hopes for future AI assistants?

6 responses to “I am in love with a program.

  1. I have the iPhone 4, not 4S, so I don’t have the Siri feature that you’re talking about. But I don’t think I’m really missing out. I mean, when the 4S phones first came out, I was like ‘yeah, I should me one of those, I think Siri is so great!’ But now that all this time has passed, the hype around Siri has died down quite a bit. I don’t think she’s worth as much as people first think. And perhaps I’m only saying that because I don’t even know what I’m missing out on, but I don’t think that’s how it works right now.

    I think Siri is much like those GPS voice software people that tell you to turn left in four feet, etc. Of course, Siri does so much more, but I feel like we can all get by without a personal, digital assistant.

  2. So, i just want to start off by saying that your illicit affair with an iPhoine app is a little weird. However, i would say i’m probably in agreement with you about the benefits that Suri brings to the iPhone. I think that it’s a great technology and also gives me hope for future artificial intelligence. Like Lauren above I personally don’t have it, but i want it. I think having a little nagging person in my phone would help me be so much more organized. However, I don;t think i would be asking her where to bury a body, you never know with the way technology is going who’s going to be listening.

  3. I just recently got the Iphone 4s and I love Siri! She is funny and can be very help when I am in a rush and I can just ask her to search for something and she does. The only strange thing about it is that whatever people say to Siri automatically gets sent to Apple which is a little weird to think that some Apple employee is listening to me ask for movie times or directions to somewhere. But i think that overall, Siri is a great app and it is amazing that technology has gotten to the point it has.

  4. Since most of my friends have iPhones i’ve used Siri before but mostly as a joke. It’s fairly entertaining just yelling random phrases at her just to see how she responds. I do think that from what Siri can do indicates a great leap forward in the concept of a digital personal assistant. Having Siri to help organize your life seems really helpful, especially for al of us college kids who have such massive amounts of work to keep track of. The “To Do List” program on my Mac already helps me out a ton when I need to keep track of what I’m doing, and I’m sure being able to just speak it into my phone instead of typing everything out would be even greater.

  5. Let me just start off by saying I love Siri! She is definitely the best feature that has ever existed on iPhones. I have used Siri on my 4S in so many ways. It is very convenient to use when you are driving. There are countless times I’ve asked Siri things like “Siri give me directions to the nearest gas station”. And then the maps on my phone would pull up the nearest locations. It’s also really convenient when you are driving and you wanna send a text or call someone. All you gotta do is ask Siri! I love asking her random things and also practical things like setting an alarm. Now, with the new iOS 6 on my iPhone, Siri can even post on my facebook! I think that’s so cool! Needless to say, I love having my own personal assistant.

  6. I don’t own a personal Siri, but have tried it on my friend’s phone. I think it’s a great secretary and a sarcastic one by all means. With technology updating their devices, it’s not a surprise that Siri is one popular lady or computer or whatever she or it is. My personal experiences with software have always had to be simple and non-confusing and if it’s not simple I’m trying to figure it. With this friend that has it, I rarely see them use it, or it she starts talking and they didn’t want to use her. I think that it’s great to have a reminder for dates and times. I think future AI assistants will become more showing physically, meaning larger technologies operates by smaller devices. I am just more curious what they have coming next and who gets the high hopes in getting it first.

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