Do you know about the new “Secret Boards”? If not, you may be missing out!

Pinterest is one of my favorite online activities! To those of you who have never used it here are the basics:


Who uses Pinterest? According to ComScore, about 30% of users are 25-34 years old and about 80% are female. In addition, about 60% of Pinterest users have earned a college degree and about 60% of users live in a household with an income of $25-75K.

You may be asking yourself, why is Pinterest so popular? First, Pinterest visually stands out. It is like a visual bulletin board for the Web. Second, it thrives on beautifully simple images of ideas

 groups together on a board of a user’s page. In addition, users can follow all of a user’s board or just a single board. Lastly, you can view or locate boards based on a subject, topic, or them. Some popular searches are crafts, gifts, fashion, interior design, and holidays.Image

So what about these new “secret” boards? Well a recent article, “Pinterest Secret Boards Keep Your Pinning Under Wraps,” announces Pinterests new “secret boards” that are only viewable to the user and not to the public or the users friends. Prior to this change, what you pins were viewable to the public and also to your friends. Now, just in time for the holidays, you can pin gift ideas, party ideas, and anything else you don’t want others to see.  

Well who cares about these “secret” boards? Large and small companies get A LOT of referral traffic from Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest is the new leading referral traffic generator for retail brands. You can bet that Pinterest will be going crazy around the holidays mainly because of those popular topics I listed earlier (crafts, gifts, fashion, interior design, and holidays). Also, a lot of other online social networking sites have seen the growth and momentum of Pinterest and are working to add some of the same features to their sites. 

7 responses to “Do you know about the new “Secret Boards”? If not, you may be missing out!

  1. I suppose I don’t fit into the stereotypical pinterest user mold. However the only people I know that use pinterest are my aunts and my mom. That being said, I’m sure that is an advertisers dream: getting a large amount of women together to talk about ways to spend money.

  2. Same here, my Mom and girlfriend are the only two people I know that use Pinterest. I think the secret board idea works out really well for both advertisers and the users though. Users get a place to gather all their shopping and gift ideas into one place and advertisers get a bunch of excited customers, willing to shell out more money than they were before due to their new found toy on the internet. Cool stuff.

  3. I absolutely love Pinterest, and with Christmas rapidly approaching, I am looking forward to using these secret boards to keep all of my gift ideas for my family and friends all in one convenient location. I have loved Pinterest from the beginning. I thought the concept was fantastic–being able to keep a pin board of of websites, along with outfit, hair, makeup, travel, decoration, home, workout, etc. ideas. Many of my favorite recipes have actually come from Pinterest. Pinterest works for me because instead of having to bookmark or write down websites or ideas that I like, I can in just a few clicks have the website or idea “pinned” to the appropriate board, and easily accessible at a moments notice. Pinterest has helped me organize my bookmark collection by taking my bookmarked websites and “pinning” them in the appropriate location. As you mentioned, Pinterest is great for small (& large) business owners. A few ladies I know from church have been successful at promoting their Etsy shops on Pinterest. I’m excited to see the future of Pinterest now that many other social networking and other websites are incorporating Pinterest onto their sites.

  4. I’d only ever heard of Pinterest once before entering this class and have never actually seen the site for myself, so thank you for the pictures. It seems like an interesting concept and the secret boards seem especially useful for gathering feedback and new ideas regarding to parties, gifts, etc. However, to me it feels like they’re taking away the personal touch from the planning. When giving a gift to someone, if you take the time to plan it out yourself it can make the action even more special knowing that it was all your own hard work based on your perception of what kind of person they are. By removing the personalization, this basically proliferating the hive-mind mentality that humanity is growing to adapt to in the digital age.

  5. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Maybe I haven’t dedicated enough time to it, but I think it is kind of hard to use. I think I was having trouble navigating it and gave up even trying. Maybe that’s a design flaw? I’m not sure if it’s the website that is the problem, or if it’s me. Maybe it’s both, or maybe like our Design of Everyday Things book suggests, I am blaming myself for inability to use it even though it may be a design problem. Anyways, secret boards are a great idea for Christmas and the holidays coming up. The only thing that may concern me, is what if you accidentally post something on a public board that was meant for a private board? Is that even possible? Because that would be problematic if you accidentally posted something on a public board, it would ruin your holiday shopping! But, I am not fluent in Pinterest so I don’t even know if that would even be possible to do. However, I do think the idea is genius and I am sure dedicated Pinterest users are very excited about this new feature.

  6. That seems like a pretty good idea. It sounds like they’re basically putting browser functions on their website. Before Pinterest, you could pretty much do the same thing with any major browser: just categorize your bookmarks menu (say create a folder for each theme you mentioned: gifts, fashion, holiday parties, etc.) and start bookmarking pages accordingly. Of course, if you’re constantly on a social networking site, it can be more convenient for the user to have functions like this centralized on the site. It’s also better for the site because it means users will be spending more time there and purchasing items advertised or shared on the site (so, more revenue for Pinterest). Win-win.

  7. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. That being said, I’d think it’d be foolish for advertisers not to play into the idea of millions of women posting and “pinning” things they want to make and buy. I’ve only been on Pinterest a few times, and every time I go on, it’s like I’m not a homeowner, I’m not getting married, and I don’t want love tattoos. But if any of these were applicable to me, and if someone offered me sales, I’d be all over it! It’s a great idea to target an audience based on the stereotype that spend thrift women are populating the site.

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