Apple users are smarter, more attractive, and make more money

According to a report from Nielsen/NetRatings, Mac users are better educated and make more money than PC-users. If you disagree, you’re likely unintelligent and unattractive (according to a report from me).

In fact, certain cultural commentators (aka this random guy from my online Poli-Sci course) such as Ryan Rivera have even claimed that possession of an Apple product increases one’s sexual desirability:

However, why exactly do we buy Apple? Is it because Apple makes us smart and sexy? Or is it simply because Apple has become a status symbol in today’s culture?

Examples like ‘phone on the table’ students and wannabe iPhone users (see cartoon) are two examples of how Apple has obtained a cult-like following.

In fact, the cultural phenomenon is to the point where people can’t even justify their own rationale behind buying new Apple products. See Neil Katz’s response to the iPhone 5.

Katz is a longtime Apple supporter who has “bought just about everything Apple’s made since the Apple II Plus came out in 1979.”

He announced to the world that he would “probably be standing on line [sic] with millions of other Americans buying an iPhone 5. Only this time, I won’t really know why.”

Given that buying Apple seems to be the default option when it comes to getting a new phone or a new laptop, have we been culturally conditioned into preferring Apple?

What are your thoughts? Is Apple a status symbol? Is it perhaps something more? Or perhaps this dialogue is overblown and you’d simply prefer a good laugh. Look no further than “Sh*t Apple Fans Say”:

20 responses to “Apple users are smarter, more attractive, and make more money

  1. It angers me that a “study” (where are the references? CNET does not count) like this even exists, and does no good through its existence. Why, you may ask? Just reading this title irritates me and makes me think that all Mac users are cocky, self serving hipsters.
    Which, of course, is not the fact. However, Apple products have become a status symbol. An Apple laptop platform generally runs at least twice the cost as a comparable PC system. With that extra money, you get a platform that is aesthetically appealing, easy to use (I guess), and widely recognized in our culture. If these things are worth the money, by all means: go ahead.
    I don’t think Apple users are smarter or sexier than the common man. They just happen to have more money – and I feel people with money tend to have better education and the option to breed with more attractive (but shallow) people.

    • I can understand you frustration. I tried to find the primary source, but given that it was from 2002, I didn’t have much luck.

      To be honest, I didn’t set out to write about how Apple makes you smart and sexy, yet when I found the article, I decided to work it in.

      Also, I don’t own a Mac, and likely never will. Although I do own an iPhone (and am utilizing it to type this message), I certainly don’t consider myself an Apple hipster.

  2. Trying to argue against this article would be defeating the humor in it entirely, so I won’t even bother getting all defensive about it 😉

    Anywho, I do think that Mac’s can in fact be taken as a status symbol or as a trend in certain cases, at least from the perspective of someone who hadn’t owned any Apple products until just recently. Taking out my “dumb phone” in a crowd of iPhone users almost makes me feel inferior to a point, but at the end of the day as long as I can send a text and answer a phone call then I’m happy.

    However, I can say that after recently purchasing a MacBook Pro I now understand the pros of owning one of these bad boys. Until now I had been running off of Windows XP, getting by nonetheless but without the ease that I have now. From what I’ve experienced at least, the Mac is VERY easy to use and has helped me organize my life a lot better than a PC ever has in the past. Everything is fast, everything works, and everything works how you would think it should. The simplicity of it all makes everything a less frustrating experience.

    That being said, a decent portion of the $1,400 I spent on this thing could have been used elsewhere… Oh well, you get what you pay for I suppose 😛

    • Well, at least someone appreciates my crude attempt at humor. I also appreciate your honesty in mentioning feeling slightly inferior about owning a “dumb phone.” I held out on purchasing a smart phone for a long time, and can relate to the feeling.

  3. I have to agree with David in that I’m angry that there are people “studying” this false presumption that Mac users are smarter, more attractive, and make more money than PC-users. I am almost embarrassed that people believe this to be true. Yes, Apple products are status symbol, not to mention they’re the latest and greatest societal ‘fad,’ if you will. But that’s it: they’re a fad. Quick to jump on the bandwagon, millions of people are all about their iPhones and their iPads and iThis and their iThat. (And I’d be completely lying to you if I said I wasn’t all about my iPhone, but whatever). When it comes down to it, nothing Apple creates will make you smarter, or more attractive, or better educated in the least. Sure, the product is sexy, and argue all you want about MAC being “better” than PC, but an argument that users are smarter and sexier? Please.

    • I think your mention of the iThis and the iThat goes to show how not only Apple, but how other companies and as seen on TV products have used the i prefix to generate sales.

  4. Of course I’m angry at the sheer arrogance of the article, but at the same time… think about it. It actually makes sense. These kind of people are Apple’s target audience. Because they price themselves out of many people’s budgets, and have that stigma of being ‘hip’ and ‘cool’, of course you’re going to get people that are smarter and more educated, simply because they can afford it — and attractiveness can just come with those two categories.

    No one complains that a college student can’t afford a Lexus or whatever. It’s because they’re not supposed to be the primary audience for a Lexus. Apple targets people that have more money. And if they are targeting people that have more money — guess what. They probably have more education than someone without money.

  5. My only logical conclusion from this blog post is that all Apple users are extremely good-looking and intelligent. (I kid.) But it is a valid question: why exactly are people so drawn to Apple products? How is it that buying an Apple product can make us feel both included in the mass populous and also part of some elite club? Are we doing it to fit in or feel special?

    In my opinion and experience, consumers have learned over the many releases of new Apple products that other company’s hardly ever beat Apple in their smooth integration of new technology and innovation of applicable features. Simply put, people have learned that whatever Apple produces more often than not is useful and convenient to them, and few other companies release these features as soon or as steadily. Because Apple has built this rapport with consumers, they become Apple users for life—because when it comes down to it, people are always looking to simplify and create shortcuts for themselves. So when history has shown them (for those who have had that experience at least) that Apple can’t be beat, they dismiss other options from their mind indefinitely.

    While for some it has perhaps not been their experience that Apple has been so reliable, my guess is they make up our population of PC and non-iPhone users. Obviously my experience is biased, but I feel it is relatable to many Apple consumers. However, I still find it hard to answer the question of why Apple users are viewed as more beautiful and intelligent (suppressing self-flattery), when Apple seems more mainstream than rare these days.

    • I think some people might conclude that since Apple products are now so mainstream, anyone without one had some sort of deficiency. Apple users might therefore draw the conclusion that non-users simply can’t afford Apple, aren’t smart enough to realize Apple’s superiority, or perhaps aren’t stylish or trendy enough to buy Apple.

  6. I agree completely that using an Apple product is a status symbol, but the reason it is so popular is because it is an affordable status symbol. Someone mentioned Lexus above as a symbol for being wealthy, and that not everyone can afford one. An iPhone on the other hand is affordable to almost everyone, but it gives you an appearance of affluence.

    Also, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Microsoft basically start off as a knock off Mac? Maybe that has something to do with people’s attitudes towards the two products. People still see Microsoft as the “knock off” where Mac is the original higher quality version. All i know is that I’ve heard since i got into computers in high school that Mac was a better, more reliable, easier system to use, and yet I’ve never actually used one.

  7. That CNET article is 10 years old. Ipods had just been introduced at that time. Iphones and Ipads existed only in the dreams of fanciful consumers. Even if the study accurately described circumstances at that time, I highly doubt it would hold today given Apple’s new generation of customers. However, Apple products still seem to be something of a status symbol. Many consumers who purchase Windows or Android-based phones (say, for function-over-fashion reasons) harbor some kind awareness that Iphones are “cooler.” The high price of the Iphone 5 coupled with its underwhelming features make the ubiquitous demand for it difficult to explain in any other way. I’ve always rejected Apple products. I think they’re over-hyped and not worth the soaring prices, but I’ll give them one thing: they sure look nice.

  8. That CNET article is 10 years old. Ipods had just been introduced at that time. Iphones and Ipads existed only in the dreams of fanciful consumers. Even if the study accurately described circumstances at that time, I highly doubt it would hold today given Apple’s new generation of customers. However, Apple products still seem to be something of a status symbol. Many consumers who purchase Windows or Android-based phones (say, for function-over-fashion reasons) harbor some kind awareness that Iphones are “cooler.” The high price of the Iphone 5 coupled with its underwhelming features make the ubiquitous demand for it difficult to explain in any other way. I’ve always rejected Apple products. I think they’re over-hyped and not worth the soaring prices, but I’ll give them one thing: they sure look nice.

  9. I think this is such a great article and one that everyone can relate to!! I heard on the radio the other day that Iphones are now available on Cricket WITHOUT A CONTRACT! A ton of my friends already have gotten the Iphone 5 and I don’t really see what the big deal is about. I have an android phone (yes, I am ugly, dumb, and poor)!

    Of course the main function of a phone is to connect with people and Iphone was really the first to offer that capability and then other phones came out that were similar. So our class discussions about the need to feel connected with others (i.e. on Facebook, email, other social network sites) shows us the reason that these phones were so useful.

    • Droids are cool if you like their complexity. I had a droid first, but switched over to team iPhone 😡 just because of its simplicity. Honestly, I think that droid is a much better phone with more capabilities.

  10. I am literally appalled at this article, which clearly indicates that yes, I am a PC user. I choose to use PC because my laptop costs $300. I find it unreasonable to spend over $1000 on a more confusing version of the original. My comment, however, indicates that apple does indicate a sort of “status”. One can assume that people who have an extra $1000 laying around will spend it on a Mac instead of buying the cheaper alternative. On the contrary, some people (like myself) just find it unreasonable no matter how much money you have to pay $1000 for a computer!

    On the other hand, I also wanted to touch on one point in the article that says people cannot even justify why they buy apple products, which is so true! I have an iPhone and an iPad and I literally have no reason for why I have them. The iPad was a gift, but after having one, I think I would have bought one anyway. But why? I could buy a cheaper version of an android tablet and get the same thing, but for some reason I am obsessed with having an iPad.

    In sum, I am halfway an apple snob. (haha)

  11. I’d just like to make another point advocating for team PC, if you spend $1000 on a PC, you’d likely get the same quality that you get with a Mac. Just saying. Here is a link to a facebook conversation I was having about getting a new computer myself.

    For those of you that can’t see it, I can copy and paste it:

    ME: So I’m team PC and I need a new laptop… I love my toshiba, but the hinges have broken and the charging port is starting to break. I LOVE the Mac’s hardware design, but don’t think i want a Mac. Help:)

    Tatum Hutchings mac is the best!!!!
    Thursday at 11:32am · Like · 1

    Anna Marie Trust me a MAC will change your life
    Thursday at 11:32am via mobile · Like

    Jazmyn Ledford I HATE macs. Plus, it’s expensive as hell!
    Thursday at 11:36am via mobile · Like · 1

    Lori Rachal Llorence Says the girl who has an iPad attached to her palm!!
    Thursday at 11:37am via mobile · Unlike · 5

    Jazmyn Ledford Very true…. And an iPhone 😡
    Thursday at 11:37am via mobile · Like · 3

    Lori Rachal Llorence 🙂
    Thursday at 11:39am via mobile · Like

    Britny Llorence go get you a mac lol other than that, I love the hp evny!
    Thursday at 11:39am · Like

    Anna Marie It’s expensive at first but you won’t have to replace it as many times as a PC!
    Thursday at 11:39am via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Jorge Chavira so i can have your current comp?:)
    Thursday at 11:41am · Unlike · 2

    Jazmyn Ledford That is true… Except they come out with a new one like once a week!
    Thursday at 11:42am via mobile · Like

    Anna Marie They’re basically all the same, just higher resolution. But ASU student discount 🙂
    Thursday at 11:42am via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Ellen Gebhardt go dell or go home!!
    Thursday at 11:55am · Unlike · 2

    Meghan Elise McDermott coughhh go Mac coughhhh 🙂
    Thursday at 11:56am · Like

    Josh Woods If you’re already used to windows… Don’t buy a mac. If you want to learn something completely different and want to spend a fortune doing it, buy a mac. I work on pc’s for a livi…See More
    Thursday at 12:01pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

    Tony Michel toshiba makes a great computer but i really like the sony vaio.i macs arent worth the money. you can get all the software and a 2 year warranty and you will still spend less than you would on a mac. just make sure it has a fast processor!
    Thursday at 12:02pm · Unlike · 1

    Josh Woods I agree with Tony… Fast processor and lots of memory. Buy a Toshiba or Sony… They’re good and they’re prices are decent for what you get.
    Thursday at 12:04pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Jazmyn Ledford But I don’t want the stupid hinges to break every second…
    Thursday at 12:29pm via mobile · Like

    Josh Woods I’ve had a Toshiba for almost 3 years and it’s been fine. Don’t let one bad experience with the hinges, shy you away from a company that makes great products.
    Thursday at 12:34pm via mobile · Like

    Marwan Osman Sony VAIO
    Thursday at 2:02pm · Like

    Sam Davidson Only buy a mac if you want to waste your money 🙂
    Thursday at 2:11pm · Unlike · 1

    Marwan Osman ^^ -___-
    Thursday at 2:14pm · Like

    Lori Rachal Llorence Jazmyn just do what you want….People who use Apple are going to tell you to buy a Mac. People who use PCs will tell you to buy a PC and that Macs are stupid. And a waste of money…See More
    Thursday at 2:30pm via mobile · Like · 1

    Jazmyn Ledford All I care about is it not breaking!
    Thursday at 2:40pm via mobile · Like

    Josh Woods They all break… And yes… A mac can get a virus, so don’t let anyone tell you it can’t. And I agree with aunt lo. Just buy what you like. I despise apple, but by no means do the…See More
    Thursday at 2:46pm via mobile · Like

    Marwan Osman I have 3 viruses on my Mac right now and two of them are Trojans. They don’t do anything to my computer though. I just have to get rid of them because they keep coming up.
    Thursday at 2:50pm · Like

    Jazmyn Ledford But the hinges break so easily
    Thursday at 4:22pm via mobile · Like

    Jazmyn Ledford And the charging port!!!
    Thursday at 4:22pm via mobile · Like

    Josh Woods How many laptops have you had that have broken hinges? I honestly have never owned a laptop that had broken hinges, so I’m honestly curious.
    Thursday at 4:24pm via mobile · Like · 1

    Jazmyn Ledford Everyone my family has ever owned.
    Thursday at 4:24pm via mobile · Like

    Josh Woods Ha ha ha. Just go buy a mac… They’re like snapple… Made from the best stuff on earth.
    Thursday at 4:25pm via mobile · Like · 1

    Eric Rachal I think your hinge snapping problem is user error. Lol. If u like Mac design and and PC usage look at the Asus and Samsung and HP envy. They all have really nice mac like aluminum body designs.
    Thursday at 4:42pm via mobile · Like

    Josh Woods Asus Zenbook… We’ve had a couple come in at work… They’re bad ass.
    Thursday at 4:44pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Eric Rachal Yuuuup bad ass. And the Samsung series 5 and 9
    Thursday at 4:53pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Jazmyn Ledford It’s not a user problem!!!!!! It just wears out
    Thursday at 5:34pm via mobile · Like

    Eric Rachal Ehhhhhh wears out, user problem…tomAtoe tomatoe….whatever u wanna call it lol
    Thursday at 5:43pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Josh Woods LOL!
    Thursday at 5:44pm via mobile · Like

    Lori Rachal Llorence Jaz I really think y’all are a bit rough with your computers…I have never had a hinge break on a laptop! Stop picking it up by the screen! 🙂
    Thursday at 6:16pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

  12. I wanted to shed some more insight and prevent any virtual stoning or toading as a result of my post.

    Let me begin by saying that I don’t think Apple users are more attractive or more intelligent (although they might have more money). That being said I think the fact that we are even having this discussion is significant. I think the discussion itself proves that people attach some type of status or valur to Apple products thus making it a status symbol by definition.

    I’m also sad nobody mentioned “Sh*t Apple Fan Say.”

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